Poetry Competition 2010 van de Beara Writers Group

 “Tea Cups” van Anne Nidecker inspireerde mij tot het gedicht What’s left en ik won daarmee een “third award” op de 1e poetry competition Poet meet Painters 2010


What’s left

I caught him – that’s what I thought – buying
the biscuits which he died for in O’Sheas
I poured him tea, he looked at me, the room
was furnished with our silence all at once

Then there was biscuit breaking in his hand
the slurping of his tea that I had cooled
with milk, preventing us from burning lips

The biscuit hit the tablecloth and
breathless following this sight I very
well remember now he stayed that night

Beara 2004

I had to say goodbye to the peninsula
did all the walks ever done that last day
two rainbows bending over me late afternoon
down from Eyeries, to the fisherman’s pier

Squeezing my eyes to catch it forever
noticed the quay taking its hat off for me
the rainbows faded but left me their pink rays
offering a rail which I gratefully seized

While I was holding on to the firm support
I felt the earth move like a ship and
the rail became pole and the waves were
my sail, we went off to the bareheaded sea

de twee bovenstaande gedichten werden opgenomen in de bundel
Poets meet Painters 2010, Beara writers group, West-Cork